Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

In Collaboration with L'Institut Pour I'Expertise (IPE)-Paris
The L'Institut Pour I'Expertise (IPE)-Paris (IPE) is a member of the Grandes Ecoles Specialisees (GES) Network, which ranks (4th in France by Le Parisien) / (7th in France by Figaro) / (8th in France, top 40 best known Business Schools in France by Le Nouvelle Economiste ).This is an approved institution by French Educational Authorities and Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia
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  • Welcome to the DBA IPE-Paris Programme+

    IPE-Paris provides coursework for part-time executives to get their DBA doctorate degree. It is offered to highly-motivated, goal-oriented individuals looking to conduct research in finding effective solutions to real world problems, with no problem studying while they work.

    The study to be conducted will follow the IPE-Paris program structure which allows the researcher to be the driver of their own research project that will be applied to their chosen field.

    The program offers a great opportunity for aspiring individuals who want to go in-depth on real world business problems and using this knowledge to impact their company and industry.

    Studies are conducted through the researcher’s company or industry, which allows them to also apply it there. Getting accepted to the DBA Program means you’re embarking on an enriching journey to get the highest academic degree together with other executive men or women that want to make a mark in their industry.
  • Brief Programme Overview+

    Brief Programme Overview
  • Learning Outcome+

    1) Improving your critical thinking skills, analytical capabilities, and research ability to expert level
    2) Conduct in-depth research for literature relevant to your study
    3) Develop your ability to confidently deliver the findings of your study and connecting you’re your theoretical knowledge and actual methodology to your peers
    4) Gain a deeper understanding of the topic you chose for your doctorate study
    5) Make a significant contribution to the knowledge base in your chosen profession
    6) Use of full intellectual capacity and research ethics along with developing your ability to become an authority or expert of your knowledge contribution to the industry you are a part of.
  • Entry Requirements+

    You should have a minimum Masters in Business (MBA) or business-related postgraduate qualification

  • Accreditation+

    1) Fully Accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
    2) Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia
    3) The DBA program design followed the standards set by the QAA or the 2011 UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
    4) Doctoral Degrees Characteristics (2011)
    5) FHEQ (2008) Qualification Descriptor for Level 8
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